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Artist's Statement

"...they set their hearts on producing a good likeness, and stay up late perfecting their work..."
                                                                          Ecclesiasticus 38:28
7322 SE 112th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97266
(503) 760-3272
(503) 536-6515 FAX only
Website: www.mjarts.com
www.childrensillustrators.com    https://society6.com/mjartscom
email: marty@mjarts.com
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Oregon 1975
Former Oregon A-Level Building Plans Examiner/Structural Inspector
Elder, Presbyterian Church USA; Stephen Minister
Member: Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA), Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).
   I don't remember a time that I didn't draw; I began drawing "seriously" in High School and intended to become a Technical Illustrator. Lack of planning and foresight led me to a degree in Architecture, instead of an education in Art. External distractions, such as "lack of work" led me to an eight-year career in construction; further distractions, such as "lack of work" led me to a career with the City of Portland as a Building Plans Examiner, from which I 'retired' with a medical layoff in 1998. But the dream never died... I've been a freelance commercial artist and designer for over 30 years; primarily working on commission for individuals as sort of a "professional hobby" until 1998. During my college years, I exhibited my artwork in a number of non-juried shows, but found little time for "serious" illustration until 1988, when a ruptured appendix and a brush with death caused me to re-evaluate my goals and priorities. I realized that my future wasn't as predictable as it appeared; and that God has given me a talent He intended to be used for the benefit of others. I then decided it was time to get "serious" about my career as an illustrator.
    My body of work is fairly eclectic in its nature, and isn't specifically geared toward one type of illustration, however, all of my illustrations are realistically-styled. My preferred media is digitally-colored graphite. As of this writing, I’ve illustrated seven children’s books, two books for adults, created numerous illustrations for a variety of clients; including Scholastic Inc. and the Yellowstone Park Foundation. Over the years, I have created a large number of wildlife drawings and numerous portraits. I also create Technical illustrations. In 2015, I added digital publishing to my business; publishing four titles in the first year. My retail stores can be viewed at two websites: 
    It seems appropriate to me that I have chosen an "Apocryphal" text as the title for my "artist's statement"; I am a fairly "apocryphal" Protestant; in that while I do believe in the Divinely-inspired truth of the Bible, as it was transmitted in its original manuscripts, I don't believe that God has limited himself to one form of explanation as to His existence. Illustration, at its best, should reflect the nature and character of the illustrator, as well as present the story, idea or message that the author attempts to convey. As a Protestant, I find that I am less of an evangelist, and more of an encourager, or "exhorter" as the Scriptures are usually translated. Consequently, my work tends toward encouragement, or presentation of life as I would like it to be, and perhaps as I feel it was intended to be, rather than a presentation of either a moral or philosophical message. I like to 'capture images,' ones that move me with their character or beauty. Although I do, on occasion, create illustrations that are intended to present a statement of life as I perceive it, the majority of my illustrations are intended to simply present to the viewer a moment in time that I wish to share.
    I believe that the vast majority of us neglect to enjoy and experience the small moments of life, which often contain the greatest meanings for all of us. In general, if there is a "message" to be found in my work, it is primarily because that message is already present in the viewer, and I have had the experience of presenting it to the viewer.

Published Works
The Portable Roger Burke, Selected Fiction Roger Burke © 2017
Cover and Interior Illustrations, e-novel

Deacon Jack Roger Burke © 2017

That Starry Night Linda Fields © 2016 Westbow Press
Interior Illustrations

The Gift of the Magi Marty Jones © 2015
Illustrated e-novel

Oregon At Last! Marty Jones © 2015
Illustrated Historical e-novel

The Book Lover Roger Burke © 2014
Illustrated Novel and e-novel

Grandma Malka and Elephant Boy Jon Dickman 2014
Illustrated e-novel

Caesar’s Silver Badgley Publishing Company © 2013
Cover Illustration

Lucidia: A Glimpse of Dualism Abron S. Toure' © 2005
Cover Illustration

A Scandal In Bohemia Glenndoman Korea © 2005
Korean-language children’s picture book version of the classic
Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"The Wolves of Yellowstone" Yellowstone Park Foundation © 2005
Illustrations for "electronic field trip" online tour of the Park

The Declaration of Independence Rourke Publishing © 2002
Illustrated Historical Non-fiction

Oregon At Last! Scholastic © 2002
Illustrated Historical Novel

First Heroes For Freedom Silver Moon Press © 2000
Illustrated Historical Novel

Rainbows and Other Promises New Canaan Publishing © 1999
Cover Illustration

“Proud Family”/“The Story of Esther”
Permanent Collection: Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas, Texas

“Small Moments—Greatest Meaning”
Graphite Portraits by Marty Jones, July 2006
Unto Him Fine Arts Gallery, Newberg, Oregon

“Brachot”/"Blessings” 2001
Sanctuary For the Arts/Mittleman Jewish Community Center

"Koinonia" CIVA/NNU Exhibit, 2000
Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho

Drawn To Christ: Cross-Country II 2000
Weaver Gallery, Bethel College, Mishawaka, Indiana

National Christian Fine Arts Exhibition 1999
Farmington, New Mexico

Works of Faith Exhibition 1999, 2009
First Presbyterian Church; Portland, Oregon

Invitational Exhibit, Metropolitan Center for Public Art 1997, 1998
Portland, Oregon

"Gifts of the Spirit" Exhibit, 1997, 2000, 2008
First Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon

 “Sacred Art” Exhibit, 1997, 1999
Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Assn.
New Ritz Theatre Gallery; Brunswick, Georgia

CIVA “Things to Think On” Exhibit, 1997
Merrick Free Art Gallery; New Brighton, Pennsylvania

CIVA Northwest Regional Conference Exhibit 1996
Marylhurst College; Marylhurst, Oregon

SCBWI Featured Artists Exhibit 1996
Beverly Wilshire Hotel; Beverly Hills, California

Mount Angel Abbey Summer Exhibit 1996
Mt. Angel Abbey; Mount Angel, Oregon

Featured Artist Exhibit: Wade Gallery, 1996
Portland Building; Portland, Oregon

LARC Featured Artists Exhibits, 1994; 1996
Stroeff Gallery, Marylhurst College; Marylhurst, Oregon

Various Exhibits, Oregon State University; University of Oregon 1970-1975

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